Friday, September 18, 2009

Governor Sarah Palin endorses Governor Rick Perry

One of the best Governors in America-- Sarah Palin of Alaska-- has officially endorsed another of America's best Governors-- Rick Perry-- in Texas' 2010 primary race.

The news underscores the appeal Governor Perry has among both social and fiscal conservatives in the GOP. Sarah Palin is a true rock star of the Republican Party and has earned high praise for her fiscal discipline and her commitment to transparency and government reform.

Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News broke the news:

AUSTIN – Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has endorsed Rick Perry for re-election, calling him the "true conservative" in a primary election showdown with fellow Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Palin, who electrified the GOP base as the party's vice presidential nominee last year, has strong support among the party's social conservatives. Her endorsement appeared aimed at undercutting Hutchison's appeal with GOP women. Both groups will be important in picking the party's nominee in next year's GOP primary.

In a letter to "Texas Republican women" distributed by the Perry campaign, Palin touts the Texas governor's conservative credentials.

"He walks the walk of a true conservative. And he sticks by his guns – and you know how I feel about guns," she said.

Palin cited one of the Perry campaign's top issues – opposition to federal financial bailouts. And she singled out Perry's opposition to abortion rights.

"Not every child is born into ideal circumstances, but every life is sacred," Palin said in the mail appeal. "Rick Perry knows this – it is at the core of his being."

The 2010 Governor's race in Texas is an important test for the direction of the Republican Party, even nationally. Do we want principled, pro-life, pro-growth, limited government conservatives, or do we want "Republicans In Name Only" acquiescing to permanent minority party status and merely going along to get along with the increasingly far left Democrats?

We now know where Sarah Palin stands on this question.

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